International Businesses Explore Cleveland with Help from Fellow, Cheng-Han Yu

Cheng-Han Yu and international guests visit Cleveland’s Global Center for Health Innovation.

The City of Cleveland Department of Economic Development is working to attract international businesses to the City. The Department’s goal is to raise awareness of business opportunities in Cleveland and welcome potential investors and businesses to Cleveland. In an effort to accomplish this, Cheng- Han Yu has been named an International Business Development Fellow for the Department of Economic Development.  Cheng-Han has been working closely with the Department to ensure foreign direct investment within the city is obtained.

“We are excited to have Cheng -Han Yu on our team. He is an advocate for Cleveland and international business. His expertise can help take investors to the next level in our City, “said Tracey Nichols, Director of Economic Development.

Cheng-Han Yu is an experienced researcher in real estate development, urban design and economic development. He possesses a diverse background and knowledge in urban planning, real estate, financial engineering and actuarial science.  As a leader in international business development, he promotes international business retention and growth in the City of Cleveland.  He is knowledgeable regarding current and future development trends in Cleveland.  He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has demonstrated an ability to connect international businesses with the proper resources needed to ensure the success of a business establishment.

“I can provide the assistance needed to make things happen. I can fluently explain each process, step by step,” said Cheng Han Yu.

Cheng-Han Yu also utilizes Sina Weibo, a Chinese micro blogging site where his recent projects and achievements for the City of Cleveland can be found.  Sina Weibo is one of the most popular sites in China. It is comparable to what Twitter has established in the USA.

International businesses can benefit from moving their operations to Cleveland in multiple ways. Some of those benefits include affordable housing, reliable public transportation, world renowned hospitals and various entertainment and recreational venues. It is within the Northeast Ohio region which has 29 colleges and universities that contribute to an educated, productive workforce. In addition, the central location of Cleveland allows quick access to more than half of North America, including Canada. Almost 50% of the U.S. population and 60% of all U.S. fortune 500 headquarters are within 500 miles.

For more information on international business resources and Cleveland assets, contact Cheng Han Yu directly at 216-664-2202 or via email



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