Neighborhood Retail Assistance Program Brings New Life to Mac’s Sports Grill

Robert Hunt, Eloise Hunt and Anthony Stella at the Mac's Sports Grill Grand Opening

Robert Hunt, Eloise Hunt and Anthony Stella at the Mac’s Sports Grill Grand Opening

June 17th was a proud day for the Lee-Harvard community. The grand opening of Mac’s Sports Grill located at 17436 Harvard Avenue, triggered smiles on the faces of commuters eager to come back to the place they call home.

For citizens in the Lee-Harvard community, Mac’s Sports Grill is a home away from home. “Everybody in the neighborhood is saying, ‘We’re back home,’” said Robert Hunt, husband of Eloise Hunt, owner of Mac’s.

"Welcome Back Home" Mac's Sports Grill

“Welcome Back Home” Mac’s Sports Grill

“The best thing about coming here is the people. Most of the people have grown up in this neighborhood. This place is like a landmark,” said owner, Eloise Hunt.

The City of Cleveland’s Neighborhood Retail Assistance Program (NRAP), which aids small retail businesses and merchants in Cleveland, served as a key component in the success of the opening of this neighborhood landmark. NRAP provided Mac’s with a loan which helped purchase equipment and fund interior construction.

“The City’s Neighborhood Retail Assistance Program is a great tool for small retail businesses and restaurants,” said Anthony Stella, Project Coordinator for the City of Cleveland Department of Economic Development. “It was a pleasure to work with Ms. Hunt and help provide the financial assistance she needed to realize her dream of opening a sports café in the Lee-Harvard Neighborhood.”

Mac’s menu features many American favorites such as sandwiches, wings, burgers and fries as well as specialty drinks to enjoy during a big game or while socializing with friends. The business is also decorated in Cleveland sports memorabilia to showcase hometown pride.

Eloise Hunt not only loves Cleveland sports, but she is a strong supporter of the City.

“Cleveland is a great place to raise a family. I like that Cleveland is both peaceful and a place where you can have a good time,” said Hunt.

Leaving a legacy of pride, Hunt wants customers to remember, “This is something to give the community, something to be proud of. I want the people to be proud of what their community has accomplished.”

Business hours are 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. seven days a week.

Mac’s Sports Grill

Address: 17436 Harvard Avenue. Cleveland, OH 44128

Phone Number: 216-295-1808

For more information about the Neighborhood Retail Assistance Program, contact Anthony Stella with the City of Cleveland Department of Economic Development.


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