Healthy Food + Jobs: CornUCopia Place and Bridgeport Café Grand Opening

The Office of Mayor Frank G. Jackson has recognized today, October 24th as Food Day: a celebration of local foods and a campaign to solve food related problems in our schools and communities. The Mayor’s recognition of the importance of Food Day lies in connection with the Year of Local Foods, a designation provided by the Office of Sustainability and the working groups of Sustainable Cleveland 2019. Throughout the year, local and regional accomplishments relating to the local food economy will be celebrated as a driver for economic transformation and for helping to accelerate momentum for current initiatives.


On October 11, 2012, over 150 people gathered to celebrate the latest efforts of Burten, Bell, Carr Development Inc., a community development organization serving Cleveland’s Central and Kinsman neighborhoods. Kevin Schmotzer and Michael Elliot from the City of Cleveland Department of Economic Development joined BBC staff, along with Mayor Jackson, Ward 5 Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland,  Ronn Richard of the Cleveland Foundation, Susanna Krey from Sisters of Charity Foundation, and Maria Thompson of the Third Federal Foundation offered their support for the grand opening of CornUcopia Place and the Bridgeport Café, two of the latest developments in the neighborhood’s Healthy Food Access Initiative.


Located at E. 72nd and Kinsman Avenue, CornUcopia Place and the Bridgeport Café offer healthy alternatives to the convenient store and fast food fare that is available in the neighborhood. The Healthy Food Access Initiative, anchored with these two new projects, aims to drastically change how low-income inner city residents think and react when it comes to purchasing and preparing healthy food. The Bridgeport Mobile Market, a refrigerated food truck that will deliver fresh produce to residents throughout the Cleveland’s east side, is another component.


The Bridgeport Café not only provides healthy food alternatives such as salads, wraps and soups at affordable prices, it also provides jobs for neighborhood residents. CornUcopia Place houses a cold storage facility where community gardeners can clean and store their produce as well as a community kitchen that hosts healthy cooking classes for all ages.

Bridgeport Cafe & CornUcopia Place Project Slideshow:

Bridgeport Café is open weekdays from 7am to 6pm and Saturdays from 10am until 6pm.  To learn more about Bridgeport Café, please visit For more information about CornUcopia Place, including upcoming cooking and nutrition classes, please visit


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